Facing your fear in-front of the camera

So you are going for it and creating video content, this was brand new to me last year. Below are some tips to help…

Use a decent tripod that will stay put once you set it and will swivel for portrait or landscape.

You don’t need a fancy camera – the iPhone camera is great these days, even the built in mic.

Be careful of any background sounds though – choose somewhere quiet. 

Plan what you are going to say, (this cuts out the ‘ums’) I like to type out, re-read (aloud) to others if possible. Read what you’ve actually written, not what you think you’ve written 🙄

Write your content as if you are addressing an individual- it’s more personal and therefore more engaging.

Use a teleprompter or autocue to help you; you’ll be able to look into the camera AND read your words. (Plus you’ll be able to use and adapt these for future content. 

Break your content / cue slides into manageable chunks, I’d suggest up to a minute long.

Ensure your lighting is consistent. Natural light is fine (if the weather is steady) – just make sure the light is on you, not behind you silhouetting you and removing your facial expression. 

Smile (if appropriate to your content) – it makes you seem (and feel) more confident. 

Good luck!