Why feedback is important when creating practical Drama

There is a reason why we have directors… 

Feedback on practical drama, in this case a monologue is invaluable because:

  • It provides impartial, constructive, specific points for improvement
  • It allows correction and advice on vocal and physical technique
  • It keeps the student on track with their character and intentions
  • It provides advice for the suitable style of drama and acting
  • It keeps the student in line with the specific specification(s)

The willing friends and family of drama students can be helpful to watch monologues, however in my experience it’s much more difficult to take criticism from your nearest and dearest, and with the best intentions they may not always be helping. Feedback usually works much better when constructive criticism comes from somebody impartial and professional and ideally who knows your syllabus and scene.

Mirrors and cameras are an excellent way of watching yourself back, and I’m always encouraging students to critique and appreciate their own work. However, when they do this they often can’t help but cringe watching themselves and hating hearing their voices played back (I’m still only slowly getting used to this). This detracts hugely from creating constructive points for improvement. It is of course preferable to show your own teacher your practical work so that you can receive specific targeted advice. But, with subject teachers busier than ever juggling hybrid learning, it’s often hard to find time for them to repeatedly watch every class member’s individual monologues. 

Naturally, when we watch ourselves the initial criticism is usually about our outer appearance rather than the character or work created. When a drama teacher gives you feedback you can guarantee that they will be looking at your technique and at the character you have been creating. 

This day and age students have adapted to not always being in front of their director or teacher in real life. With the accessibility of online courses, there’s a fantastic amount of content to learn and consume. But, this doesn’t replace individual feedback. 

So, with all this in mind, drama students who want to make sure their actions are improving their character and technique can now submit their video or link to somebody with years of experience in coaching monologue performance. 

This service utilises the modern ability of recording and uploading work whilst insuring the feedback students receive is professional, relevant and beneficial.

My monologue feedback service is available now: Students can upload their video file or link, give details about their specification or criteria and then receive my bespoke feedback within three days.

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